Top Ten Incredible Movie Music Moments

Reading Time: 5 minutes‘The Jazz Singer’ (1927) was the first ‘talkie’, or movie with synchronised sound. However, silent movies were often played in

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Secrets of Good Composing and Improvising

Reading Time: 5 minutesMany musicians wish that creating their own music would come more easily. There are many reasons why it doesn’t. Perhaps

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Braces And The Young Flute Player

Reading Time: 3 minutesMany children in their early teens require orthodontic braces to help correct or alter the alignment of the teeth. This

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Get The Best Sound From Your Piano With This Instrument Care Guide

Reading Time: 4 minutesPianos are temperamental instruments. Like humans, they like the room temperature to be just right. However, unlike humans, they can

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Rehearsal Planning Made Easy

Reading Time: 5 minutesRehearsals are essential for building cohesion and fluency with the group. For some, the rehearsal might be the only time

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Essential Activities To Enhance Musical Performance

Reading Time: 3 minutesAs a music teacher, I’m always interested in the other activities my students tell me about. Many of them participate in

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"Making music soothes the soul, strengthens the body, and sharpens the mind"
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